There are times when the deepest wounds in our lives need a unique touch. Horses can provide just that! Horses are honest teachers and since they are sensitive to subtle non-verbal cues and changes going on within us they make it difficult to deny our true feelings.

Equine assisted therapy is a powerful, experiential, in the moment experiences that enables clients to view themselves from a whole new perspective!

Meet our four-legged co-therapists:


Tango is a tender-hearted Peruvian Paso. He has been with River of Hope the longest of our herd. He was donated to the Ranch by a beloved friend of River of Hope’s, who we first met while she was a boarder at Cross Creek Stables. For several years, she took joy is seeing how Tango touched the lives of the children and families that ROH has served. Sadly, she passed away after a long battle with cancer. Her wish was for Tango to stay with River of Hope so he could continue to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. We are forever grateful to her for this precious gift.



Abby Appaloosa Horse

Abby is an appaloosa mare with a gentle, loving spirit. She absolutely loves people and enjoys spending time with them! She has a signature look that many of our clients just adore! Abby was also a donation from a loving boarder at Cross Creek Stables. We are extremely grateful to have her be a part of our family.




Butters Miniature horseButters

Oh where to begin…there are so many amazing things to say about this little guy! He’s the oldest member of our herd, reaching his late twenties. But you couldn’t tell he was that old, he’s got spunk and a lot of energy! He actually is THE best jumper of our horse family.