What We Do

At River of Hope Ranch, we believe in providing a natural environment that extends beyond a traditional therapy room. Our ranch is a perfect environment to start the journey of healing.

The following are the services we provide:

Shine Women's Healing RetreatMental Health Counseling

Under the guidance of a licensed professional clinical counselor our clients learn how to recognize what is going on inside of them and how they have the ability to transform from a life of pain to a life of meaning and purpose.

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Shine Women's Healing ExperienceWomen’s Healing Experience

We are excited to announce coming summer or 2017 our Online women’s healing experience will launch! Please stay tuned for more details to come. For now check out our website www.shinehealing.org or follow us on Instagram @#prayhealshine to receive a dose of daily encouragement! We would love to come along side you on your healing journey!