A guide on the best mosquito traps

February 13, 2019 Blogging

The role of mosquito traps

The nuisance created by the mosquitoes is highly intolerable and with time a number of devices and technology have been developed to counteract their effect and bring control over their population. mosquito traps are one of these devices which aid in destroying the larval stage of the metamorphosis and hence preventing the birth of the adult mosquitoes. Also called as ovitraps, the tiny pores of these nets trap the eggs easily and some also have chemicals sprayed in these pores that ultimately kill the egg or its larval stage. This article discusses further on the same and the factors that should be considered for the ideal and best selection.

Mechanism of workingmosquito traps

These traps often use either the gas trap mechanism or the heat trap mechanism to actually lure the mosquitoes, rather than repelling them and then killing them. The former uses the gases like carbon dioxide, which the mosquitoes think as the source of fresh blood and hence fall into the trap. The latter also act in a similar manner and hence they get killed upon getting exposed to a high-temperature heat source. Some of the mosquito traps also have a combination of both of these mechanisms.

The types

The following are the broad types of mosquito traps found commercially in the markets: –

  • Heat traps, which use the high-temperature heat sources to trap the mosquitoes, misleading them as sources of blood and then irradiating them with the high-temperature heat to kill. Such traps are quite expensive and also require regular maintenance.
  • UV light trap, which use the UV lamps to attract the creatures. These are safer to use as they do not have any form of gas emissions and do not cause much harm to other inmates. However, their replacement is must once the bulb gets worn out.
  • Propane traps, which use the propane gas to attract and kill. Though carbon dioxide was used in earlier times, it has now been replaced by the former due to its better effectiveness in killing and being safer for use.

The factors to consider

The following are the factors that need to be considered in order to get the best choices for the mosquito traps: –

  • The type of the trap to be used, in order to determine if it would be suitable for use in that particular environment and hence, would be effective in doing its job
  • The area of coverage that it offers in killing the mosquitoes and hence rendering it free
  • The trap following the specified safety norms set up by the regulatory body so that the users do not get harmed upon using the same
  • The power ratings required by the same and if it would be energy efficient one or not
  • The cost of the product, to determine its accessibility within the target audience

Hence, it is highly important to get the best kind of mosquito traps such that they not only clean the entire area of mosquitoes but also turn out to be worth the investment.