All you need to Know about the BARSKA Biometric Safe Review

February 24, 2019 Blogging

BARSKA Biometric Safe Review and user guide

 Biometric safes have become quite popular these days as we want to stay hassle free and maintaining the keys of a safe is a real headache. Biometric safes work with fingerprint recognition technology and are quite a good option to store your valuable belongings as it unlocks via your fingerprint and you do not need to maintain the key every time you open it. BARSKA is a quite famous company when it comes to safes. It has been operating on the market since 1994 and is thus well aware of customer demands. The BARSKA biometric safe review is greatly positive as it well recognizes your fingerprint and will never make a mistake on that point. The safe is very easy to set up once you receive a new device. It comes along with a manual step by step guide book which you can follow and set up your safe in within less than 15 minutes time. Thus, the initial process is quite easy and a layman can easily do it. Once you have set up your safe you can press a switch and a green coloured light goes up. This signifies that the machine is ready for biometric recognition. You can now just place your finger and then the device your scan your finger and the door will automatically open up. This device is battery operated and needs 4 batteries to operate. Make sure that your batteries do not run out else the machine will not read your biometric and will not open up by simple biometric recognition methods. The machine comes with a cloth matte inside the safe which you can use.


How to open up the safe if anything goes wrong with biometric detection or the battery runs outBARSKA biometric safe review


Sometimes devices do not accept fingerprint readings due to some issue or the device may run out of battery if you do not take proper care of it. Under such cases, you have to use the screw and the key that came along with the safe when you brought it. The screw is used to open the name tag BARSKA present in the front side of the safe and then the metallic nameplate will drop of exposing a keyhole. You can now insert your key into this keyhole and the safe will open up. Thus, it has quite a convenient system for every situation.


How hardy is the material that the safe is made of?


While most customers are satisfied with the strong metallic material of this safe some feels that it is not strong enough to protect their valuables. The material building this safe is quite strong but can be broken into if repeatedly hurt with a strong metallic rod or such material like a stone. This is the problem that makes some customers think that the safe is not ideal.

So, keeping everything in mind the overall working status of the safe is usually impressive and if at all the safe is broken by anyone the surrounding people are sure to notice the incident.