Having an aquarium filter installed can help your fishes to live long

February 10, 2019 Blogging

It is quite a wonderful feeling to have a pet in the home, especially when they are innocent looking tail wagging creatures. No, we are not talking about dogs but about the fishes. An aquarium constitutes a better portion of the living room and it truly is a fascination for many guests hovering around the home. However, it is of utmost importance that you take care of the aquarium on your own. The average lifespan of a goldfish, a popular choice for aquariums, is 10-30 years whatsoever; the lifespan reduces if they are not properly taken care of. Taking care of your aquarium fishes includes healthy fish snacks, proper habitat, clean water, aquarium filter, and light.

In this article, we will be focusing on the aquarium filters and pumps that are an essential part of any aquarium. The major purpose of any aquarium filter is to keep your fish tank clean. It removes the excess food, decaying organic matter, dangerous chemicals, and wastes from the fish tank that helps to keep the water clean and apt for the fishes to survive. This, in turn, facilitates clean water rich in oxygen and devoid of nitrogenous wastes which makes the habitat suitable for longer life of the fishes.

The aquarium filter techniques

aquarium filter

The filtration methods that are available readily in the market are biological, mechanical, and chemical methods. An aquarium filter can use either of these three methods or a combination of them to filter the tank from all the harmful substances.

Biological filtration process involves certain microorganisms that aids in converting the fishes’ wastes, decaying matter, and dying plants into less toxic substances. It converts the toxic ammonia waste to nitrate that is soluble in water and acts as a natural fertilizer to the aquatic plants. On the other hand, the mechanical filtration process is used to segregate the particulate matters from the water.

The chemical aquarium filter has a carbon filter or activated charcoal. The chemical resins extract the toxins from the water and saturate them for proper water flow into the tank. The chemical filtration process also helps to protect the water from getting toxic and reduces the level of unwanted chemicals.

Why you need to install an aquarium filter

If you own an aquarium, you may find that the water inside becomes unclear or foggy often. This calls for periodic changing of the water and involves quite an effort. But, with the installation of an aquarium filter, you won’t require to put in much effort month after month cleaning the tank. However, the filters also need cleaning but you can relax for quite a while as once you clean the filter or replace it, it will work efficiently for a long time. Now, you don’t have to worry about messy aquarium or cloudy water. Everything will be taken care of by the filters. In addition to these benefits, the filters also help in maintaining suitable habitat for the aquarium fishes and make them live longer.