Know more about HummingBird Helix 5

February 20, 2019 Blogging

Fishing is known as a method to find and catch fish. Fishes are caught with the help of hands, spears, nets, angle or fishing rod, and also with the help of traps set in under water. A large amount of employment and revenues of various countries depends on fishing. Not only that, but fishing is also known as pastimes where one catch fishes with his or her family members or friends, to spend some quality time with them.


Humminbird Helix 5 is one of kind of technology to find fish under water and hence known as fish finders. It helps through finding the best spot to find more possible fish. It helps fish finders see underwater with the help of sonar which through echo methodology find fish under water. And with the help of GPS, it lets users locate and find the way to the best spot to catch fish. It also uses radar. And, then integrating them all together with the boat so as to get to the fish spot in real time. It does not let anyone waste time of waiting on a spot with least or no chance of finding fish.


Types of water:Humminbird Helix 5

As fish can be found in all type of waters from salt water to fresh to water under the ice.

  • Saltwater: Where to find fish in an ocean or other salt water, one needs to understand the amount at which salt, oxygen, food and its types are appropriate as per fish to live in water. Not only these factors but also, the temperature of the water also affects habitats of fish. Where fish breeds and hide also known as important factors. Knowing all these factors at once is difficult to know especially for some novice fish finders.

But with the help of this technology, one can be able to locate and sea fish in salt water like an ocean where one can not see from the above water due to reflection.

  • Freshwater: This technology helps the user to sea to the depth of water of lakes and rivers where the flow of water may be still or fast speed of water.
  • Water under ice: This technology lets the user to sea under the depth of ice where it is nearly impossible for the human eye to see.


Techniques used by Humminbird Helix

  • Sonar: It lets a user to what to see like fish, the structure of fish, and thermoclines and what to ignore in the surroundings like grass or stones or bottles or any other dust floating either on the surface of water or under water.
  • Imaging: It lets a user ignore those spots where finding fish is most difficult or nearly impossible and lets the user focus on those spots where fish can be found easily.
  • Mapping: It lets the user helps to reach a spot with the maximum chance of catching fish with GPS. The user can reach his or her target spot as fast as possible along with considering the factors like distance and efforts and time and money and also weathers.
  • Navigation: It lets the user fix its boat at the position from where most fish can be caught.

Humminbird helix is itself a vital technology which helps one to make living and also helps one to spend more quality time with his or her friends or family.