Pop Up Tenting Has Become An Extremely Popular Adventure Nowadays

February 11, 2019 Blogging

Recently, camping and tenting have become a very popular choice for many as it is quite adventurous and cheap at the same time. From the convenience point, you view pop up tenting is gaining popularity. Several brands have launched different types of pop up tents which you can choose according to your demand and of course the number of people you want to accommodate in it. There is also a wide range of prices to choose from depending on the quality and size of the text you desire. Most of the pop-up tents are made of waterproof materials which makes it convenient to use even during the rains and some have windows when can be left open during rains without water entering your tent. These features make a tent attractive and easy to use along with enjoying the scenic beauty of the place you are camping in.

pop up tenting

let’s look into some of the pop up tenting options available

Different brands like Coleman, Wnnideo, CORE, Quenchua, Malamoo, and others have such pop-up tents available which you can easily set up at your tenting site. However, taking these tents off takes slightly longer time and more efforts than the initial setup. But this is the same for almost all available pop-up tents. The tents can be easily folded and carried along during travel as they are usually lightweight. The weight also depends on the number of persons a tent can accommodate but the weight is different for each model and you can choose a suitable option for the facilities you want.


Where to set up a pop-up tent

You can set up a pop-up tent wherever you want. Like literally anywhere from flat ground surfaces to the roof of your car or on high solid tree branches if there is an ideal place. Most of them have hooks which can give you additional support on any kind of surface. But take care of the wind speed as some tents can tolerate high-velocity winds while most cant it solely depends on which variety you have.


A few precautions to be taken

If your tent is not made of waterproof material make sure you carry along a waterproof material to cover your tent and also learn some techniques about tent sealing. The tent sealing is a technique which involves sealing the exposed parts of your tent to protect it from rainwater and any insects if your tent does not have such protective features. The sealing can be done using a painter’s masking tape and sealant. The sealant has to be provided some time to dry up and thus cannot be used during rains but can be used before the rain starts as once dried it is reliable.


You can buy these tents anywhere online from Amazon or other such sites and also from any store. Some of these tents are family sized with plenty of interior space inside and ideal for adventures and group outings