Power pressure cooker xl: A kitchen friendly easy to use a digital cook pot

March 3, 2019 Blogging

With advanced cooking appliances on the rise, the famous pressure cooker too has taken a modernized turn. These days the market is filled with various digital pressure cookers which provides one with the ease of cooking of delicious meals. Power pressure cooker XL is known for its one-button feature, where one can a start slow cooking the meal with just press of a button. This cooker helps in saving energy and time by cooking a meal faster than others.

FeaturesPower pressure cooker XL

  • 70% faster cooking: this pressure cooker makes sure that one cook the entire meal in 70% lesser time by putting all the ingredients in the pot and wait till the time is over. Also one saves a lot of time which is spent on preparation of the meal. Faster cooking means one can save a lot of money by saving energy and also save one’s time from their already busy schedule.


  • Flavor infusion technology: this is the best feature of this power pressure cooker. This technology makes sure that the super hot steam produced while slow cooking stays inside the pot. The steam in the pot makes the moisture-reenter the food making it more nutritious and healthy without losing any flavor.


  • Digital panel: the best thing about digital pressure cookers is that one can preset the settings according to the meal that is being prepared. One can control the pressure ranging from 10kpa to 80kpa, which allows one to sauté and also boil and slow cook the food. Also, the cooker can be preset to make sure that ones the cooking is done it will reset to the warm mode which will keep the food warm till it is served.


  • Strong build: the entire pressure cooker is made with stainless steel making it strong and also resistant to corrosion. The pressure cooker is made in a way to make sure that it can handle pressure.


  • Maintainance: maintenance of this pressure cooker is super easy as it is not too heavy in weight and can be handled with ease. It is also completely dishwasher safe making cleaning very easy as one can remove the nonstick pot which is in the inside and clean it whether is a dishwasher or by hands.


  • It is easy to use and one need not check the manual again and again.
  • It comes in four different colors which can choose from.
  • It is good for a small family and for daily home kitchen use.
  • The preset options make the cooking experience smooth and fuss-free.
  • Flavor infusion technology keeps the nutrition and flavor locked in the food.


  • The warranty is very short as compared to others in the market.
  • There is no steam rack present.
  • There is no separate sauté option available.

Overall the Power pressure cooker XL is a great for first-time user fo digital pressure cookers because of some of its very famous features like flavor infusion technology and also that the warm option gets turned on after the cooking is done.