Seagull s6 buying tips and things to consider

March 19, 2019 Blogging

Beginners starting with guitar often chose seagull s6 as their first guitar. It is easy to play an instrument but has a wide neck which may be discomforting for teens to play.


Professional guitarists prefer seagull s6 


Professional guitarists feel that seagulls are one of the best variety of guitars available on the market because of the quality of sound it produces at the given price for which it is sold in the market. They are one of the cheapest guitars available which are an excellent instrument available for beginners. The wood of this guitar is curated for years to bring it to the most ideal state before assembling the parts of a guitar. The strings of this guitar are also quite good and last for a pretty long time. Here are a few tips which will help you while playing seagull.

 seagull s6 playing tips

Seagull s6 special features


  • Pressure tested solid cedar top
  • Wild cherry back and sides
  • Silver leaf maple neck
  • Custom polished semi-gloss finish to look like high-end guitars.
  • This instrument is available with Godin Q1T Electronics
  • A slim neck version is also available which is of 1.72″ nut width or 25.5 “scale this helps teenagers who are not comfortable with a wide-necked guitar.
  • A left-handed version of the guitar is also available making it a significant one among many other models as most models are right hand friendly during operation.


These unique features were updated in the new model of seagull s6 which has become quite popular in the market due to its budget-friendly nature and ease of operation. The seagull s6 is a very different model of the electronic guitar which is preferred not only by beginners but also by experienced players as well. The guitar is priced at about almost half of high-end guitars.


Where to buy seagull s6?  


You can get these on any of your favourite shop of choice where they sell musical instruments or you can also get your hands on these from online retail sites like Amazon and other such sites. These are mainly made in North America and Canada.


Basic features of the guitar


The seagull s6 has 6 strings which are quite a resistance to damage and has back material made of cherry, body material made of Cedar or wild cherry and top material made of cedar. The approximate measurements of the item are about 46 X 18.5 X 7.5 inches which may be a little difficult for teenagers but do not worry as teenagers friendly models are also launched these days.


Thus, if you are looking for a cheap option to start learning guitar then seagull s6 is one of the most popular ones available on the market. If you want to learn to play just watch a seagull s6 playing tips video and you will have an idea as this machine is quite easy to operate. However, even cheaper guitars are available on the market but buying them actually makes you compromise on quality.