Tactical backpack buying guide with review

March 20, 2019 Blogging

A backpack is like inevitable in nowadays lifestyle. It can server purposes as simple as carrying one to school to something as adventurous as going on a trek. There are various varieties of backpacks available nowadays which come packed with multiple features. They involve features like light in weight, sponge pads avoiding burden on your shoulders, waterproof, and multiple compartments. But in this article, I will present the tactical backpack buying guide.

Here it is :-

tactical backpack buying guide

  1. Tactical rush 72 backpack- This bag comes with an interesting name of 72 and the brand gives them that name on purpose. They claim the backpack to have enough compartments that can last you for 72 hours. It claims that even if you are at a remote area, you will have enough things packed with you that can last you for 3 days. It has a capacity of 47 liters which takes into account just the main compartment excluding all the side pockets and compartments. Due to this heavy built, the straps are built oval so that they have a perfect and comfortable grip over your shoulders which keeps you away from any kind of stress. It is built with a material that helps you to use it in any weather. This is the best bag to buy with the tactical backpack buying guide.
  2. Maxpedition Falcon-II backpack- This backpack is the best backpack for the travelers. It is built with triple coat of polyurethane material which makes it highly water resistant. This backpack will not spill water inside you backpack even if you are using it in rain. The straps of the backpack are made with military nylon which makes it capable of bearing any amount of weight in the bag without breaking themselves. This comes with an additional strap on the front to increase the comfort level. This backpack is built with all double stitching and strong zippers which make it a very strong backpack for the heavy packers.
  3. Tactical Rush Moab 10 backpack- This is built with a multi utility purpose keeping in mind. The straps are built in such a way that you can zip them up and use the backpack as a sling bag and unzip them to use as a normal backpack. This tactical backpack buying guide suggests that it has multiple compartments. It also has some secret compartments which can be used to carry your valuable belongings without the fear of theft.
  4. Maxpedition Vulture-II backpack- This is one more backpack having a great storage capacity of 2100 cubic inches. This is a great investment in terms of the durability that you get. The straps are made of duraflex material which boosts the strength and durability of this backpack.

These are just four of all the models available, but these four are the best backpacks that you can have looking at all the features that they have. These four backpacks are loaded with all the benefits that any backpack owner wishes to have. They are worth all the money that you pay.